This old time radio show ran in 1938. It was part terror and part drama with the shows always ending in an unexpected twist. The stories were only 15 minutes and the whole idea of the show was to keep you in suspense and never knowing how the show was going to end.

The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

From 1947 through 1948, this show was on the air. One of the greatest radio talents of all times, Elliot Lewis, starred in, produced, directed and even, helped to write many of the scripts. Elliot played the captain of the Scarlet Queen, having great adventures in exotic ports all over the world.

Whistler, The

This radio show was on the air from 1942 to 1955. The narrator and host of the show was The Whistler, and was played most often by Bill Forman. The show was a mixture of the macabre and crime drama and told the stories of the foolish. The whistle that was heard every week, was whistled every single week by Dorothy Roberts for the entire 13 years the show aired.

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