Calling All Detectives

This old time radio show was a huge success. Paul Barnes played all of the characters. He was a man of many voices and was able to pull this off quite brilliantly. The lead character was Detective Browning. The show would start off with a short drama and then, Paul Barnes would call a random number from the phone book and that person would try to guess the mystery. When the show first started, not all of the phone calls were answered by people who were watching the show so the format was changed and people sent in postcards with their number on it and these were picked instead.

Calling All Cars

This was a radio show based on actual crimes and events that the Los Angeles Police Department solved. Each show involved different police officers and detectives and the names were changed to protect the innocent. This was the show that led to Dragnet.

Campbell's Playhouse

This was the same old time radio show as Mercury Theater. It was renamed to Campbell's Playhouse after Campbell's Soup picked up the show after the success of War of the Worlds. Orson Welles was the host, director, writer and actor, as well as the entire Mercury Theater crew.

Can You Imagine That

This show consisted of weird headlines and newspaper articles of the day that were written into short sketches for the radio.

Candy Matson

Candy Matson was a female detective radio show that aired in 1949. Candy was a beautiful private detective from San Francisco who had beauty and brains. She used her sweetness and sexiness to help in her investigations.

Casey Crime Photographer

Casey Crime Photographer was originally a character in the detective magazine, Black Mask. The main character was "Flashgun" Jack Casey who took photographs at the scene of the crime. This character was so popular that two films based on him, and then, this old time radio show.

Chandu The Magician

This was a detective radio show that was centered around a magician and his crime fighting abilities.

Cinnamon Bear

Cinnamon Bear was a classic Christmas old time radio show that was aired from November 29 and ran up until Christmas Eve. The show consisted of 15 minute episodes that told the story of twins, Judy and Jimmy and how their Christmas treetop was stolen and how they got it back with the help of Cinnamon Bear.

Clitheroe Kid

This was a BBC old time radio show. This was a comedy and Jimmy Clitheroe usually got his laughs at the expense of others.

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