I Love A Mystery

This was an old time radio show that was written by Carlton E. Morse. He was one of the very best writers of old time radio. The show featured three men, Jack Packard, Reggie York and Doc Long, who worked together to solve mysteries.

It's A Crime Mr. Collins

This was an old time radio show that was exactly like the show, "The Adventures of the Abbotts." The only thing that was different were the names of the characters. This was a murder mystery show that ran from August, 1956 until February, 1957. This show even used the same title format as the Abbotts, putting a color in every episode title.

Jack Paar

Many people know that Jack Paar used to host The Tonight Show prior to Johnny Carson, but he got his start on radio. Jack Benny saw him performing for the troops during WW II and offered him his own show after the war.

Jerry Of The Circus

This was a children's old time radio show that consisted of 15 minute episodes. It tells the story of an orphan named Jerry and his dog, Rags, and the adventures they have after joining the circus.

Jonathan Thomas And His Christmas On The Moon

This Christmas special first was heard in 1938 and started on Thanksgiving Day and ended on Christmas Eve. It tells the story of Jonathan Thomas as he follows two elves to the moon. Red Skelton plays the Man in the Moon.

The Johnny Cash Radio Show

This is just one recording that features Johnny Cash at the early stage of his career. Listen in on this rare recording of him playing with the Tennessee Two, Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Just about everyone has heard this title, either in the form of a film, a television show and even, a musical. It was adapted for the radio in 1963, with an 8 part series. The story was broadcast on the BBC Radio and told the adventures of the Professor, his student and his guide, as they enter the center of the earth, via volcanic tubes from a volcano in Iceland.

Jungle Jim

Enjoy the jungle adventures of Jim Bradley, great white hunter. There are hundreds of old time radio shows for this series that have been downloaded for your listening enjoyment.

The Key

This was an excellent old time radio shows that had great scripts and great actors. This was a murder mystery show written by pulp writer, James Workman. 

Kraft Music Hall

This radio show started in 1933 and migrated to the small screen in 1958 and stayed there for another 13 years before ending in 1971. Throughout the years, there were many hosts, but the most popular ones were Bing Crosby, who hosted from 1936 until 1946, and then, Al Jolson taking over for the next 3 years. This was a musical variety show that feature the stars of the day. When it moved to TV, there was usually a big-name guest host, as well as a famous guest entertainer and a popular actress.

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