This was a crime drama that had the blessing of J. Edgar Hoover, himself. The show used real cases that were solved by the F.B. I. Each week, a description of a wanted criminal was aired for the public to be on the look out for.

Gene Autry

Gene Autry was the most famous singing cowboy. Listen to the songs from the Melody Ranch and Melody Roundup.

The Goldbergs

This was kind of a soap opera, because it told the continuing story of the Goldbergs, with a bit of humor added in. It was the story of a Jewish family who live in the tenements of Brooklyn.

Granby's Green Acres

This old time radio show what the precursor to the television show from the 1960's, Green Acres. It's about a city guy who wants to move to the country. Bea Benederet and Gale Gordon played these city slickers who moved to the farm.


Gunsmoke is a classic that most people have heard of. It was a classic on the small screen, but started  on the radio. William Conrad played the role of Marshall Dillon in the radio version and was probably one of the best actors on the radio. Unfortunately, because of William Conrad's size, they found a different actor to portray Marshall Dillon on television. Gunsmoke is one of the best dramas ever produced for the radio.

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