Daddy And Rollo

Danger, Dr. Danfield is an old time radio show that stars a criminal psychologist in the lead role. The show is not very complicated and there are no sound effects to help to engage you in the story. This is very light fare and in today's world, is very politically incorrect in a funny kind of way.

Dangerous Assignment

This was an old time radio series that centered around an international spy named Steve Mitchell. The show ran from 1949 to 1953. The show's stories took place in locations all over the world. The sound effects, character's names and accents made the show quite believable.

Dangerously Yours

If you prefer romantic adventures that consists more of romance than adventure, then this old time radio show might be for you. The show was sponsored by Vick's and aired in 1944.

Dark Venture

Defense Attorney

This was another crime drama with the lead character being a female defense attorney, Martha Ellis Bryant, played by Mercedes MacCambridge, representing clients whose fates seem hopeless and defenseless. Her and her trusty sidekick and boyfriend, Jud Barnes, played by Howard Culver, always find the real culprit of these ghastly crimes, which threaten to put her clients in prison for life or the electric chair.

Deadline Mystery

Death Valley Days

This old radio show ran from 1930, all the way to 1945 and starred Ruth Woodman. Share in the saga of the old American West and listen to the trials, tribulations, joys and heartbreak of Death Valley Days.


Ellery Queen

Ellery Queen's character was a writer who solved mystery crimes and then wrote about his adventures. Ellery Queen combined the characters of Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Watson, into one man. These novels were written by two cousins who won a writing contest using the character of Ellery Queen and they then continued writing books about him.

Ed Wynn The Fire Chief

Ed Wynn was a zany character actor and this radio show is based on one of the characters, The Fire Chief. His bumbling voice was instantly recognizable back in those days and you can hear some of his funniest work.


Fantastic Four

Check out this radio show from the 1970's and listen in on the adventures of the Fantastic Four. These characters have been around for many years. You can hear Bill Murray in the role of the Human Torch, as well as, hear Stan Lee in one of his very few speaking roles.

Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best is often remembered as a classic during the Golden Age of Television, however, this family sitcom started on the radio in 1949 and ran until 1952. Robert Young played Jim Anderson on the radio show, as well as, the television show.

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon is a name that many still recognize today. This was a popular radio serial that was aired in 1935. This old time radio show then became the subject of a few films and a comic strip.

FBI In Peace And War

This was a crime drama that told the story from the criminal's point of view. Although the show did not take on major crimes, such as, murder, it was still an interesting and solid old time radio show.


You can listen in on the Mary Shelley classic as the deranged Dr. Frankenstein attempts to bring a man to life, who is made from other dead body parts.


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